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November 18, 2020
Innovative Products & Projects, Carpigiani

Create gelato and pastry desserts in a single countertop machine

ReadyChef is the countertop batch freezer that contains 34 complete programs for gelato, chocolate and pastry. In just 58 centimeters the ReadyChef is accessible and designed for the functional kitchen, making it ideal for those who want to expand their product line using reliable technology.   

Endless possibilities thanks to:

– 18 pastry programs: 4 for pastry creams, 8 for chocolate, 6 for desserts and gelato pastry
– 16 gelato programs: 8 different options for artisanal gelato, 2 for Sicilian granita and cremolata, and 6 designed for toppings and sauces

To maintain the consistency of the gelato that is extracted last, post-cooling reactivates the cold temperature even during extraction.


The cylinder and  front  panel  are  a  single  piece  for  maximum  cleanliness  and  hygiene.  This  design  also  eliminates  all  gaps  behind  the  paneling, where condensation and ice could  work  to  shorten  the  life  of  the  machine.

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