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Reduce drying costs with GD Wavy from Grandimpianti I.L.E.

April 14, 2021
Innovative Products & Projects, Grandimpianti Laundry

Professional dry, true savings

GD and GDZ tumble dryers ensure unmatched results in terms of speed, energy savings and drying performance.

Thanks to advanced construction systems, excellent materials and innovative technology, our equipment reduce energy consumption and increases the productivity of your laundry. The average energy consumption is of 1kW/kg; you earn up to 12 minutes for each cycle (equal to about 3-4 cycles every 8 working hours).

From the intelligent control system to the remote management, from ergonomics to materials, everything is designed to reduce waste, limit the maintenance interventions and make the most of the machine’s potential.

Virtually entering your laundry room at any time, wherever you are and with different devices is not only finally possible, but also simple. You can monitor the entire business, track and modify cycles, prices, and offers, check the alarms, create new users or change the settings of one or more facilities around the world, without moving, without any obstacle or limitation, in just a few minutes.
Everything can be managed remotely, thanks to the Wi-Fi connection and the constant communication between the Wavy control system and the clever platform TheMind.cloud.

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