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Rendisk Circular: the next step in waste management

February 05, 2016
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The smart solution for you and the environment

Perfect solutions are smart solutions that are not only good for the environment, they also protect your profits. Rendisk helps you to reduce your CO2 footprint and limit your waste to an absolute minimum while at the same time reducing costs and allowing you to work more efficiently.
Even though it occupies a mere 5 m2, the Rendisk Circular waste management system can be installed in existing kitchens and is suited for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, universities, company restaurants, maritime areas and locations such as holiday and entertainment parks.

Profitability combined with corporate responsibility

Rendisk Circular, winner of the 2015 Smart Label Award, is the first free standing integrated system for the sustainable treatment and conversion of organic waste into fertiliser. In a closed, odourless system, waste volume is reduced by 92% and the remaining 8% can be used directly as fertiliser.

Cradle 2 Cradle means that the raw materials you use can be completely recycled without losing their value. Your company becomes a part of the circular economy, giving back what it takes. Increased corporate responsibility goes hand-in-hand with profitability.

Operational costs are reduced by the transport system and automated operation. The self-cleaning mode, which means no dismantling or manual cleaning, further reduces time, costs and increases savings while at the same time making it easier to operate. Minimal waste volume also means significantly lower costs for waste removal.

High-quality technology combined with biology

Rendisk Circular is truly one-of-a-kind. The engineers at Rendisk have succeeded in combining technology and biological processes. Inside the machine is the perfect environment for accelerated composting of organic kitchen waste. Various measuring mechanisms come together to create the perfect balance between temperature and humidity.
The buffer function allows the process to adjust to the user and for peak loads and greatly varying volumes. This means you do not have to pay any attention to when waste is added.

Easy to install, use and maintain

The Rendisk Circular is easy to install. Cost-effective PVC piping only 50 mm in diameter, can be easily and rapidly fitted by a local plumber.
Rendisk Circular is designed from a practice-based approach for perfect usability. It processes all organic waste, even bones and shells. A magnet prevents any cutlery accidentally ending up in the waste.

The machine is easy to operate and the process is completely automated, including the internal cleaning of the machine. A clean system, ready-to-use, is guaranteed every day. A spray gun is supplied for any minimal exterior cleaning required.
It’s time to give something back. Switch to Rendisk Circular to serve people, your company and the environment.


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