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February 16, 2013
Innovative Products & Projects, Friulinox

Friulinox presents Energy Saving: the new line of walk-in refrigerators.

In a kitchen, the one thing which is always on the go is the refrigerator. For perfect food conservation refrigerators run constantly, so the only way to reduce energy consumption is to make them more efficient. Friulinox has done just that.

The new, innovative Energy Saving refrigerators are the result of more than a year’s work. They are not only kind to the environment, but by cutting energy consumption by half there is also a significant reduction in energy costs, with short-term amortization and long-term savings.
This important achievement was reached by combining innovative electronic ventilators and a high-efficiency compressor to reduce consumption and latest generation gaskets. Every effort has been made to reduce environmental impact also through the use of ecological insulation and natural refrigerating fluids, such as gas R290, which has no impact on the ozone layer or greenhouse effect. As an ISO 14001 certified company, Friulinox makes every effort to produce the world’s best products with the lowest environmental impact.

Built completely in AISI 304 stainless steel, the new range of Energy Saving refrigerators ensures perfect food conservation, cold or frozen, and offers a wide range of full-door solutions to fit any professional kitchen’s needs.

woman reaching into commercial beverage-air fridge.

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