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Say Good-bye To Your Dish Heater!

August 01, 2013
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Making sure prepared foods maintain their proper temperatures and flavors from kitchen to patient has been one of the principal challenges of healthcare foodservice directors everywhere. To deliver the best meals to patients has been the driving force behind Aladdin’s research and technology for over forty years. In 1997 Aladdin revolutionized healthcare meal delivery with the Heat On Demand System. Not only were meal temperatures better, patient satisfaction scores improved, and convected base heaters became unnecessary, but kitchens were also made more efficient and employees happier. HOD remains the system of choice for over 3000 satisfied customers.

Today the innovative expertise of Aladdin has made it even easier to serve quality meals at the proper temperature. The new Heat On Demand® AdvantageTM is a revolutionary innovation that provides fail-safe performance levels and efficiencies that will become the benchmark for meal delivery systems while at the same time saving on utility costs. Energy consumption can be reduced by approximately 57% for systems requiring a convection heated plate and an induction heated base and up to 78-82% for systems requiring a convection heated base and plate. Heat On Demand Advantage will keep hot foods hot for one hour or more without a pre-heated plate, eliminating the need for dish heaters all together, making one less worry for a healthcare foodservice operation. This system does it all – each base is activated in 12 seconds and provides enough heat that pre-heated plates or dish heaters are no longer required!

Heat On Demand Advantage is designed and built with the same quality and craftsmanship that has been the trademark of Aladdin for over 40 years, making it one more reason that we are… better by degrees.

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