Slicing cakes has never been easier

March 17, 2015
Innovative Products & Projects, Mono

Mono presents its new CakePortioner

Mono Equipment has recently added a new product to their already extensive range – the new CakePortioner.
Cakes have undergone a renaissance, partly due to the explosion of celebrity programmes on TV and as a result, retailers have an increased demand for fresh, sliced, ready-to-serve cakes. Slicing cakes manually is time consuming; the new CakePortioner by Mono is a fully automated machine that effortlessly slices soft round cakes into even portions. One of the main advantages is that the cakes do not need to be frozen to be sliced accurately to achieve perfect portions, as it can easily cut fresh cakes with precision.
Requiring just one person to operate, this fully automated machine will accurately slice up to 120 cakes per hour and between 2 to 16 slices in approximately 30 seconds with speed, accuracy and reliability.

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