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Stierlen awarded “Catering Star 2012”

February 13, 2013
Awards & Recognition, Stierlen

German catering companies award Stierlen for dishwashing systems

Stierlen earned the “Catering Star 2012” award for the Eco Clean Intelligence Control, the new series of rack conveyor dishwashers. Over 1500 managers and buyers from the catering sector that took part in the survey done by the magazine Catering Inside, gave Stierlen dishwashers the highest rating for technology and level of hygiene.
Thanks to the extraordinary robustness, the new series is particularly suited to deal with the large quantities of dishes of professional kitchens. The two patented, automatic innovative rinse systems PRS / APRS guarantee perfectly-washed dishes every time.
Depending on the speed of the conveyor belt and the amount of dishes to wash, the Intelligence Control System regulates the quantity of water and detergent necessary with a reduction of water consumption of over 30%. The new module that rinses in zones, minimizes the amount of residual detergent on the tableware, significantly reducing the consumption of clean water during the final rinse cycle.

The EcoClean IC is extremely easy to clean: the food waste and soapy water slip easily away from the washing compartment thanks to the smooth surfaces of the stainless steel. The springs for the soft action doors are positioned on the exterior to keep them free of food residue and deposits.

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