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April 01, 2022
Innovative Products & Projects, Rosinox

When Rosinox received a call for help with the refurbishment of a kitchen and selfservice restaurant in the European Council building, its positive response led to a satisfying solution for the consultant and client, Giuseppe Politi, export manager at Rosinox and Friginox, explains.

At the hub of European government, Brussels, Belgium, is a busy place and keeping the workers at the European Council building fed and hydrated plays an important role in keeping the wheels of government turning. When architects Art 48 contacted foodservice consultant Jean-Michel Hendrick in 2018 they wanted his expertise to help rethink the kitchen and self-service restaurant for the staff­ of the European Council.
In addition to keeping the existing ventilation equipment and drainage, the client also requested that some of the existing equipment be incorporated into the new kitchen as it was only five years old. However, Hendrick did remove three of the eight kettles in the kitchen.

“The challenge from the consultant, with whom we have a good relationship, was to see what we could use of the existing equipment, verify that they could last a few more years, and what we could add to look nice aesthetically and also functionally,” says Giuseppe Politi, export manager at Rosinox and Friginox. “They wanted to add a cantilevered range, which is suspended from the wall,” he adds.
“The existing line was not designed to be suspended originally so this was a conversation about hanging something that was not hangable. So, in May 2018 we submitted the drawings to the consultant showing how we proposed to do it.”

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