The kitchen of the future by Lainox

February 19, 2016
Innovative Products & Projects, Lainox

Naboo and Neo pair up to form Just Duet, a revolutionary system to prepare complete menus

The concept of Just Duet is based on two technologies developed by Lainox. Naboo, the famous cooking machine connected to the Lainox Cloud through a wifi system, allowing the simple and automatic execution of cooking processes normally performed in a traditional kitchen. The other machine is Neo, the new multi-purpose machine by Lainox that allows blast chilling, proofing, low temperature cooking, holding and thawing of food, as well as the possibility to use it as a genuine holding cabinet.

Just Duet, the new application concept by Lainox, consists in creating perfect synchronization between Naboo and Neo, just like a musical duet, all in less than two meters. Complete menus for canteens, self-service and à la carte restaurants come to life using only these two machines. It is easy to understand how this system would have a considerable impact on the reduction of management costs.

woman reaching into commercial beverage-air fridge.

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