The new BX Eco-Touch by Mono

February 16, 2013
Innovative Products & Projects, Mono

One of the most energy-efficient convection ovens Mono Equipment has ever produced

The result of two years’ development and testing, the BX Eco-Touch oven has an array of cutting-edge, energy saving features. Sleep mode, which automatically returns the oven to its standby temperature and reduces energy consumption between bakes by up to 66%, Auto Shutdown which turns the oven off automatically after 8 hours of inactivity and the innovative 7-day timer providing the facility to pre-program the oven to reach the desired optimum pre-bake temperature.

The new USB facility will help reduce the carbon footprint of companies who have large networks of stores, removing the need for engineers to travel site-to-site to upload programs and software. Mono Equipment’s USB stick provides a quick and easy method for uploading recipes, wallpapers, skin packs, tones, logos and software with a minimum impact on the environment.
The superb construction guarantees long and efficient product life. The high quality, foil-faced rigid insulation is overlapped and meticulously sealed with tape to prevent heat leakage. The welded stainless steel baking chamber and the one-piece rubber gasket on the door with vulcanized corners create the perfect seal, keeping heat and steam in the oven.
With Mono Equipment, respect for the environment and energy saving combine with perfect baking for profitable results for your business.

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