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March 28, 2013
Innovative Products & Projects, Carpigiani

Add artisanal gelato to your restaurant menu!

Carpigiani and the new Freeze&Go were the talk of Sigep, the world’s most important fair in the artisan gelato sector. This new professional countertop gelato machine may be small but it gives big results. Featuring all of Carpigiani’s technology in only 50 cm, it can fit in any restaurant kitchen so chefs worldwide can satisfy their every creative whim and delight their clients with fresh, delicious gelato.
French vanilla, chocolate gelato, fruit or coffee sorbet, tomato or parmesan gelato – it’s up to the chef to choose which specialty to add to the menu every day!

How does Freeze&Go work? Simply pour the chilled mix into the mixing cup, turn on the machine, and 5 minutes later the gelato will be ready for serving. Not one minute more to produce 5 delicious portions of artisanal gelato.
World-famous chefs who saw the Freeze&Go at Sigep are already at work putting this fantastic new machine through its paces, creating their own innovative flavors.
Freeze & Go is quickly and easily cleaned, ready to make a new gelato.

Let artisan gelato be the latest, delicious addition to your menu!

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