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The Rancilio Group arrives in Hamburg for Internorga and Gastro Vision

March 01, 2018
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The Hanseatic city will host the main events of the sector from 9 to 13 March

On 9 March, the Rancilio Group will be in Hamburg for the double event of Internorga and Gastro Vision 2018.

From 9-13 March, the Rancilio Group Deutschland team will take part in Internorga, and present the German public with the renovated “Coffee House“, which was successfully inaugurated last December at the Vienna Coffee Festival. It will be a panoramic stand with all of the traditional Rancilio coffee machines: from the top of the range Classe 11 Xcelsius to the timeless Classe 5, moving to the complete lines of Classe 9 and Classe 7. For the Egro brand, the Rancilio Group will present the new Egro NEXT to the German public, the super-automatic coffee machine that continues to attract the attention of experts fair after fair thanks to new features and an ease of use offered by its Android operating system-based touchscreen interface.

In addition to products, the Rancilio Group will also offer the Internorga audience numerous activities to spread the culture of espresso coffee by means of its products. Tristan Rus and Regina Rühlmann will be the “Coffee House” baristas and leaders of the Extraction Lab, the interactive and traveling laboratory that offers lessons and tastings to reveal the secrets of a perfect extraction by using Xcelsius technology for temperature profiling.

From 9 to 13 March, Hamburg will also host Gastro Vision, the main gathering for the food services and hospitality industry in Germany. For the duration of the event, once again to be held in the elegant rooms of the Empire Riverside Hotel in the historic district of St. Pauli, the crew of Rancilio Group Deutschland will welcome the public in the themed room dedicated to coffee. In addition to the display of an Egro BYO super-automatic coffee machine with an integrated Samsung tablet, similar to the Internorga stand, there will be Extraction Lab taste tests and a series of showcases to explain the potential of the Rancilio Classe 11 Xcelsius to the public.

Rancilio Group awaits you in Hamburg for Internorga and Gastro Vision from 9 to 13 March.

9-13 March 2018
Rancilio Group “Coffee House”
Hall B1 (EG) / Stand 102

Gastro Vision
9-13 March 2018
Rancilio Group

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