The sky’s the limit with Multi Cooking by Mareno

July 18, 2014
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Power and speed in one machine

The star of the new High Performance line by Mareno is Multi Cooking, a powerful and flexible machine that offers many different ways of cooking. Multi Cooking can be used to braise, fry, cook pasta or be used as a cook top and a pressure cooker. Thanks to its flexibility, it is most suited to small businesses with limited personnel that wish to offer a wide range of foods.

Multi Cooking is extremely powerful and can change from one type of cooking to another very quickly as well as work as a roner at night to reduce costs and make the kitchen productive at times when it would normally not be in use.

The ‘accelerated cooking system’ has technology that allows customers to save up to 30% compared to traditional cooking times, while still guaranteeing consistently perfect results. The integrated probe allows you to control the precise temperature at the heart of foods. This total control over the food means that it is easy to know exactly when a dish is ready, avoiding errors and waste.

It is not only for commercial kitchens. Multi Cooking is also the ideal solution for traditional restaurants that do not wish to forego specialised equipment in order to have a varied menu, but that want equipment that is quick and easy to use. Multi Cooking also allows you to produce large quantities of food in a short space of time, including delicate dishes that require low temperatures. All this while guaranteeing the best in flavour, texture, quality and nutritional value.

Extremely easy to use, Multi Cooking is just as easy to clean: perfect hygiene guaranteed.

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