Top chef Luca Montersino shares his passion for technology and Just Duet by Lainox

August 21, 2016
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Cook, chill, freeze and prove in just two square meters

Luca Montersino has inspired a passionate following in Italy through his eighteen cookbooks and many television appearances. Whether sweet of savory, he is passionate about healthy food and has always shown a willingness to experiment.

The inextricable link between innovation and technology
Montersino believes that there is an inextricable link between innovation in technology and in the kitchen. New equipment becomes the driver of progress in creating healthier, more delicious dishes. Just Duet – a combination of Neo, the new Lainox chiller unit and the innovative Naboo, the only cooking unit on the market connected by WiFi to the cloud – features the kind of connectivity, information and functionality that fits with his idea of progress.

“I was attracted to Just Duet because of the touch screens that reminded me of an iPad. Once I discovered how they work I was fascinated by the possibilities and had to try them for myself,” he says. “We need to use technology as an ally to help produce consistent, high-quality results. Being able to find and set the optimal temperature and humidity in the oven means we are able, like never before, to guarantee our clients a consistent and reliable dining experience.”

Setting standards of consistent quality
The cloud technology in Naboo enables standardization of recipes and ensures consistent quality. “Being able to have a series of processes and menus memorized in the cloud also means that the people who work in my kitchen, but do not all have the same level of experience, are able to produce exactly the same results, time after time. The oven does it all, reducing the chance of error and guaranteeing consistency. The touch panel is an integral, fundamental part of the oven and is the key to the results my team and I are able to obtain, time after time,” he remarks.

Neo reheats, melts, cools, freezes, holds and rises, and this flexibility will, Montersino believes, become fundamental in a modern kitchen. It allows him to cook different types of pastries on different levels of the same oven, each with their own specific temperature, humidity and cooking requirements.

Montersino is now installing Just Duet in his new experimental laboratory. It will improve the management of workflow, foodstuffs and stock, which will reduce waste and increase profitability. This is key because cooking is a business and like any other it must prioritize productivity and cost management as well as the quality of the products.

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