Wavy System from Grandimpianti I.L.E.: hygiene is a matter of synergy

May 28, 2020
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Wavy washing machines and dryers are designed to operate side by side in every situation, environment and sector, ensuring a high level of hygiene and energy efficiency


  • The native IOT 4.0 connection enables remote monitoring and management of equipment: modify programs, diagrams and cycles, check performance and identify the necessary maintenance works in advance

Hygiene & Flexibility

  • Equipment can be equipped with an ozone dosing system and easily connected to a generator or an ozonated water system
  • Dryers are available with an electric, gas or steam power supply (non-standard wattages available)

Technology & Energy Efficiency

  • The patented DWS weighing system optimizes detergents, energy and water use, according to the actual amount of laundry loaded, saving up to 50% of detergents
  • The drying diagram ensures the automatic regulation of intensity and duration, according to the humidity of the laundry, ensuring excellent performance and low environmental impact
  • Recyclability rate: 96% for washing machines, 92% for dryers


  • The dispenser position is designed to facilitate the manual dosage of the detergents
  • Machines have a large porthole which opens up to 180° to simplify the loading/unloading of laundry
  • The simple, intuitive 7” touchscreen display is visible even in difficult environments and can be used with gloves


  • Anti-overheating solutions, dual safety systems and alarm circuits  ensure complete safety
  • The isolation transformer separates the machine circuit from the power supply and minimizes any sudden fluctuations in voltage
  • Standard drum balancing system with 3D sensor in large washing machines

Installation & Maintenance

  • Washing machines and dryers can be placed side by side; no vibration issues or lateral space requirements
  • No special maintenance work required; everything from the front or back of the equipment is easily accessible



GWH 80-280 Wavy

GWH 350-600 Wavy



GD 275-350-450-600 Wavy


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