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February 16, 2013
Innovative Products & Projects, Comenda

With the exclusive “Multi-rinse” system, the new AC3 dishwasher range can save up to 50% of water, energy and detergent. Only 100 liters of water to wash 200 racks.

Thanks to the exclusive patent, “Multi-rinse”, the dishwashers in the new AC3 range consume only half a liter of water for each rack of dishes. An extraordinary result made possible by the insertion of a drip zone between the washing and pre-rinse phases. This innovation means that the rinse water is re-cycled three times, drastically reducing the consumption of precious resources.

At Comenda, sustainable growth is a priority and a responsibility. For over 50 years the company has been a leader in eco-friendly research and technology that allows customers to reduce consumption of water and energy as well as reducing impact on the environment. These three objectives have come together in the ECO² brand that embodies Comenda’s philosophy and its commitment to a complete synergy between ecology and economic management.
The new AC3 line is also equipped with the HPS Easy system that allows users to visualize easily and intuitively the dishwashers’ consumption on a daily basis. The data collected about performance and the effective operation time contributes to a use of the machines that optimizes running times. This way, users may cut running costs and wastage, but will also be able to verify the effective savings.
Comenda reliability is well-known worldwide, because its products always deliver. Innovation after innovation.

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