Williams launches specialist front of house showcases for chocolate, sushi, wine and more

June 20, 2013
Innovative Products & Projects, Williams

Williams Refrigeration has recently launched a completely new Front of House Display range.

Delicate products, like chocolate and cake, require special display refrigeration systems to keep them in top condition and looking their best.  Williams has developed a complete range of separate display cases for any application, including sushi, wine, ice cream, cake and chocolate.  However, the range can be entirely tailored to suit your footprint and application and come in a choice of highly polished finishes including Champagne; Rose; Bronze and black hairline. Their individual, attractive designs enhance presentation while their commercial refrigeration systems are tailored to maintain the products in the best possible condition. 

For example, the Jewellery Box Chocolate showcase, inspired by high end fashion and jewellery boutique display cases, features ultra clear glass, a warm white light and an efficient forced air-cooled system.  Operating temperature is 8 to 12°C and the unit is manufactured in 304-grade highly polished stainless steel, both exterior and interior.  Precision injection, high density polyurethane insulation provides excellent thermal efficiency with low GWP (Global Warming Potential) and zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential). 

“Each model has been designed to deliver the optimum combination of aesthetics and functionality,” says Williams marketing manager Martin Laws.  “They maximise the display area whilst delivering high performance refrigeration. These are premium display cabinets, made using the highest standards in manufacture, such as v-cut bending.  They look great front of house – for example, their 45° cut glass offers all round visibility and other models feature invisible handles and hidden controllers.”  

Other models include the Cake Display, which features a stainless steel, frameless, double-layered glass showcase and glass sliding doors, and the Sushi unit, which has a minimalist, sleek design combined with excellent cooling performance.  The Williams Wine Tower  offers a sophisticated, stylish display that shows off the bottles beautifully, adding to the ambiance of the dining area.

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