Sustainability Statement for Ali Group

The Ali Group recognizes their role in the sustainability of our organization and its effect on all stakeholders. Consequently, we have set forth guidance as it relates to environmental and social issues as well as our internal governance.


Our companies are committed to reducing CO2 emissions and waste. We use recyclable and reusable materials in the packaging and construction of our products. Our technological solutions and innovative designs are focused on making our customers more energy efficient while maintaining industry leading product performance. With these designs, we are reducing energy, water, and detergent consumption in the markets we serve globally.


With our global presence, it is critical to value the diverse backgrounds of our people and create a culture that is inclusive to all people. We respect and value the contributions of our people which creates an environment of equal opportunity and individual growth. Our people are encouraged to expand their knowledge and are rewarded with a competitive salary and benefit package irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, gender, or national origin. We encourage employees to share their unique experiences and perspectives as we constantly adapt to a changing workforce.

We encourage our suppliers to adhere to these same values while creating a culture of inclusiveness, diversity, and fair work rules. These pillars of our social initiatives encourage our suppliers to modernize their workforce policies for the future, ensuring that they are sustaining at the pace of Ali Group.


We expect our employees to maintain the highest level of business and personal ethics as they deal with suppliers, internal and external customers, and our communities. Our code of ethical conduct requires each employee to participate in annual training that includes topics such as harassment, discrimination, corrupt business practices, fair competition, and conflicting interests.

Annually we have external firms audit our business activities to ensure that our businesses are in compliance with our code of ethical business practices. We perform statistical testing on our workforce to make certain that our employees are not subjected to any adverse impact as a result of our practices related to hiring, promotion, and compensation. As a business we remain committed to continuous improvement in all processes and policies.

image of Welbilt equipment and food serving line.

We Are Globally Local

Ali Group is not just a global leader; we’re a tapestry of local companies working in tandem.

Our comprehensive portfolio serves a variety of sectors, from hotels and restaurants to schools and supermarkets, offering premier global selections powered by a heritage of more than a century. Our global leadership is reinforced by local partners who understand your specific needs.

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