Welcome to the world of Ali

The world’s largest and most diverse food service equipment company.

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Celebrating Our Diverse Companies

110+ Pillars of Excellence

Our brands are leaders in innovation, providing advanced technology and ergonomic designs that stay ahead of evolving market trends.

Each company within the Ali Group operates with independence, nurturing its distinct capabilities and innovative drive. At Ali Group headquarters, we manage investment strategies, perform oversight and evaluations, and aid in business growth, combining the strengths of a large international group with reliable expertise.

We hope that the Ali Group will become an important part of your world.

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By the numbers

Crafting Culinary Excellence Worldwide

Ali Group is globally recognized in the foodservice equipment manufacturing industry, providing worldwide reach with local-scale accessibility.


A collection of 110+ individual brands

The world’s largest and most diversified foodservice equipment manufacturing companies.


Countries that Ali Group serves and distributes to 

We are where you are.


Manufacturing sites in 17 countries

60 years of manufacturing excellence.


Talented employees located in 29 countries

We have a strong track record of attracting and advancing premier talent.

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Global Foodservice Expertise

Around the world, Ali Group is your partner, helping you provide the finest foodservice solutions to your customers.

With a reach that extends from Europe and the U.S. to China, Africa, and some of the world’s most remote locations, Ali Group uniquely operates across the entire globe. Our global footprint includes installations in challenging environments like Antarctica and war-torn regions, showcasing our presence across all seven continents. This reflects our unwavering commitment to clients the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of hot and cold foodservice equipment.

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60 Years of Excellence

Welcome to the world of Ali, the world’s largest and most diverse food service equipment company.

Established 60 years ago, our Group is a global entity with a comprehensive portfolio of companies offering a complete range of innovative brands to meet every demand. With a legacy of engineering excellence and traditions extending over a century, our companies include some of the industry’s most esteemed brands.

From hotels and restaurants to schools, hospitals, cafeterias, bakeries, bars, patisseries, gelaterias, and supermarkets, our diverse product selection is designed to meet the needs of various operations. This diversity extends to equipping the United Nations with mobile kitchen units for peace-keeping missions.

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image of Ali Group and Scotsman headquarters in Vernon Hills, Illinois.

Being a part of the Ali Group means excelling and growing together as a group. Working together with other companies is stimulating and encourages development and innovation.

Our Blueprint for Success

At the forefront of innovation and progress, Ali Group plays a pivotal role in energizing both our brands and the foodservice equipment industry. The core principles that have shaped our Group’s approach to business will remain influential in directing our future choices, aiming to offer our customers the best solutions the market can provide.

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Striving For Excellence

Our objective is excellence and it shows in everything we do, big or small. We are constantly striving to improve even our very best products, to make them more flexible, durable, efficient and hardworking. Our commitment to excellence in design, production, installation and after-sales service is the best guarantee we can give our clients.

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Putting People First

At Ali, our focus is on people. We try to bring out the best in all the people who work for us by offering opportunities to grow professionally and personally. Each and every one of the people who distributes or uses our products is important to us. With Ali, there are no standard solutions: every customer has his own special needs and we are here to listen and find the best solution for you.

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Sharing Ideas

Ideas are born to be shared, especially winning ones. Ali Group is comprised of a diverse range of companies freely sharing a rich and varied heritage of ideas and experience so that we can grow, generating new business and new innovations for you, our customer.

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Promoting Sustainability

Today it is vital that we make choices to protect the environment and our resources. Ali encourages all employees to work efficiently while at the same time delivering the best they have to offer. It is also our mission to limit water, energy consumption and costs, while at thesame time increasing efficiency and performance in our facilities and products. Responsible use of resources means safeguarding them for future generations.

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Investing in The Future

We believe and invest in the future. Ali Group continues to develop with new acquisitions. We invest in cutting-edge technology, develop innovative solutions and conduct experiments in new materials in our research centers around the world. This commitment to the future is something our clients can count on to give them the best today.

Our Companies

Harnessing Individual Strengths

Ali Group is a solid presence in the global market, with the flexibility and design capacity of a highly-specialized research lab.

For this, we have each and every one of our 115 companies to thank. They are all devoted to the development of an extremely specialized line of products in order to offer the perfect solution for every customer in every market.

Together these companies provide a unique heritage of expertise in the world of foodservice equipment that has been perfected over time, through the experience and history of each single company, some for decades, others for over a century.

Each company contributes its own special expertise and enthusiasm to the growth and success of the Group as a whole.

Discover our companies and what they have to offer

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image of Welbilt equipment and food serving line.

We Are Globally Local

Ali Group is not just a global leader; we’re a tapestry of local companies working in tandem.

Our comprehensive portfolio serves a variety of sectors, from hotels and restaurants to schools and supermarkets, offering premier global selections powered by a heritage of more than a century. Our global leadership is reinforced by local partners who understand your specific needs.

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