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Discover how we’re committed to advancing and championing the traditions of the foodservice equipment industry.

Foodservice Education: A Legacy of Expertise and Passion

At the heart of the foodservice industry lies a rich tapestry of history, expertise, and passion.

Our companies proudly embody this heritage, dedicating themselves to preserving and sharing this profound legacy with both current and future generations. This dedication is fueled by two key objectives:

  • Continually improving the quality of our products
  • Enhancing professional standards within the industry

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Our dedication to educational excellence is perfectly illustrated by the Welbilt University program in the United States. Offering hands-on programs led by seasoned professionals from various Welbilt companies, it stands as a beacon of learning and development. These companies are corporate members of FCSI The Americas, actively contributing to the FCSI Education Provider Program (EPP). This program plays a pivotal role in the ongoing education of FCSI consultants, offering pre-approved courses that enable participants to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs). These CEUs are crucial for maintaining professional education standards and membership status within the industry.

Welbilt University serves as a remarkable hub for comprehensive learning about the diverse companies within Welbilt. It’s an invaluable resource for gaining in-depth knowledge in one centralized location, reflecting our unwavering commitment to advancing foodservice education and upholding the high standards of our esteemed industry.

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image of foodservice consultants at Eloma training.
image of a student at Carpigiani Gelato University.

Carpigiani Gelato University

A foundation for the world’s most skilled gelato professionals.

Founded in 2003, its scope is to promote the culture of artisanal gelato. Its courses are for those who already work or are interested in working in the fields of patisserie and gelato.

The headquarters are in Anzola dell’Emilia near Bologna, but its courses may be found in 12 different countries throughout the world. Programs range from the basics to the most advanced, including specialized courses that cover the most up to date production techniques, nutrition, hygiene and cost management. CGU teaches you everything you need to know to open and run a successful business.

To contribute and promote greater food awareness, Carpigiani Gelato University collaborates with the Italian Association of Celiac (AIC) to help gelatieri create gelato that is genuine, delicious and healthy.

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Carpigiani Gelato Museum

The first of its kind, dedicated to the history, culture and technology of artisanal gelato.

The Gelato Museum is located in the Carpigiani plant, occupying a scenographic industrial space of over 1000 square meters surrounding a central garden.

This venture is a homage to the skill of gelatieri and is aimed at transmitting the values of fresh, quality gelato that Italy is famous for worldwide.

The exhibit takes the visitor on a journey from the beginnings to today, telling three different stories: the evolution of gelato, the history of the technology and the places and ways to enjoy it. The research and work done by the curators, Luciana Polliotti and Andrea Barbieri, has brought together 20 different machines, over 10,000 photographs, rare historical documents and unique accessories.

The visit is interspersed with a series of previously unpublished interviews of protagonists of gelato’s history and multimedia stations to further one’s knowledge of the tradition and making of gelato. It is possible for schools to attend educational labs that bring to life the world of gelato for their students.

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image of Carpigiani Gelato Musuem in Bologna, Italy.
chef teaching how to make gelato

Our Values

Education Drives Growth and Innovation

We are defined by our core values, which foster trustworthiness and facilitate our growth. Driven by a healthy competitive spirit and a keen focus on outcomes, we are propelled towards success.

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