Building on the past, embracing the future

December 14, 2021
Innovative Products & Projects, Eloma

After a challenging year for the industry, operators need more than just good cooking equipment, they need close relationships with equipment manufacturers who are innovating for the future. Eloma is that kind of partner for foodlab Hamburg.

Eloma has formed a strategic cooperation with foodlab Hamburg, where the company’s speed, flexibility and commitment to partnerships has made its ovens a key pillar of a new and exciting food concept.
“It is a place for foodies to meet, a co-working space and a pop-up restaurant for people to experiment with new cooking ideas,” says Christin Siegemund, CEO of foodlab Hamburg. “We use the equipment from Eloma because it can do so much and everyone in foodlab uses the ovens, whether for production or for research.”

The foodlab kitchen can be used by pop-up or start-up restaurateurs to test new concepts, so the kitchen needed a variety of flexible areas.

The relationship relies on a shared vision, which says a lot about how Eloma approaches its relationships with clients and partners. “When there was nothing here – just four walls and a big window – the people from Eloma came down and I could see that they shared my vision of what it could be,” says Siegemund.
“They loved the idea, the community approach and the way we work. They showed a lot of enthusiasm. Now, people are working on ideas for the future of gastronomy in the post-pandemic world,” adds Siegemund. “For that we need the kind of co-operation we have with Eloma.”

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