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July 08, 2020
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Intuitive, Intelligent, Practical.

Fryer EVO from Silko offers an innovative way of working. It allows to manage not only the cooking temperature in a simple and effective way, but also HACCP alarms, to set up well cleaning cycles, to preheat and to keep oil at temperature and set several automatic cooking programs, choosing among the pre-stored ones or created by the user. The specific function Oil care enables to check the oil status based on its time of use.

Fryer EVO has a control panel with 7” high-resolution touchscreen display with electronic control board from 0 to 185°C with ± 1°C. Thanks to 30 programs, the operator can easily select the type, quantity and temperature of product to be fried.

Superior quality in cooking food

Thanks to automatic filtering, Fryer Evo can always use a clean and filtered oil, to guarantee light frying without altering the taste of the food.

Save time and costs

Reusing a purified oil without losing cooking quality is definitely an advantage to keep the costs down during the service to which is added the convenience of being able to use the function without having to let the machine cool down, so even during the moments of greatest affluence. The cooking can restart after just 5 minutes.

Free to create, free to work

Process automation leaves more space for the chef to complete other operations in which to use his creativity.

Deep hygiene guarantee

Thanks to the washing system acting up to the heart of the machine, together with the rounded tank and the removable and washable components.

Easy to Clean

Safe and thorough cleaning due to the lack of open fires within the well, rounded tank and removable washable components.

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