The right fit. The new Joker from Eloma

August 18, 2020
Innovative Products & Projects, Eloma

One size does not fit all. Configure your compact oven the way you need it!

Ready for the REVOLUTION? 

Here comes the first fully configurable compact class. More flexible than ever. More space efficient than all. More stylish than any other. And as individual as you.

Unbeatable modularity

Multiple configuration possibilities
– cavity size: GN 2/3, BN 43 or GN 1/1 
– position of control: left, top or right
– control module: MT or ST
– water module: steam injection (baking), fresh steam system (combi steaming) or none (convection)
– cleaning module: autoclean® PRO, hand shower or none
– design module: back cover, storage, colour


– cooking and baking in one unit
– work easily and sistematically thanks to MT-Technology
– focus on manual cooking and baking with the ST Control

Compact footprint

The best footprint-cavity-volume-ration in its class: maximum use of space wit minimum external dimensions. With a cavity of 44 cm width and 40 cm height, offers plenty of space for baking and cooking.

Contemporary design

– elegant and functional style
– possibility to personalize with logos and colors

woman reaching into commercial beverage-air fridge.

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