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Bar line equipment range: solutions for the best ice making!

Company Overview

BAR LINE is the most cost-effective, feature-rich line of ice making equipment on the market. BAR LINE equipment exceeds the highest operational expectations:

– ​​​​​​Water distribution system and evaporator assembly have been improved to be more compact and efficient;
– New optimized dimensions and production/storage ratios;
– Bin door features slide rollers for a smooth open-close movement, as well as sound dampening and bumpers;
– Thermostatic controls are installed on the front panel;
– Redesigned refrigeration system offering greater efficiency.

These features make BAR LINE the preferred ice maker and a “Best in Class” product.

Product Information

  • Self-Contained Machines For “Bistrot” Conic-Shaped Ice Cubes
  • Self-Contained For “Criee” Granular Ice Bits
woman reaching into commercial beverage-air fridge.

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