Meal Delivery & Prep


Advanced meal delivery solutions.

Company Overview

BURLODGE designs and develops a full suite of advanced meal delivery systems for hospitals, nursing homes, schools and other institutions. Our equipment bridges form and function, durability and design to provide solutions that are both inspired and practical. We serve the entire spectrum of needs for distributing multi-portioned meals and personalized meal trays, from single to complex, multi-site locations.

Central to our mission is to help provide excellent nutrition through equipment that can hold, transport and ultimately serve food at the perfect temperature. Our ongoing commitment to that core ideal starts by always putting the user and their client at the centre of our decision making. Across all our subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, France and the USA, as well as exclusive partnerships around the world, we draw on the talents of a dedicated and experienced team to help our clients deliver quality meals with absolute confidence. It is our pleasure to serve them and a point of pride that we are at the heart of nourishment every day.

Product Information

  • Trayed Meal Room Service/Cook-Serve/Cook-Chill/Cook-Freeze Systems
  • Room Service/Hostess/Bulk-Style Service Systems
  • Temperature Maintenance Systems
  • HACCP and Computerized Monitoring Systems
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