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One of the most prominent manufacturers of professional and industrial dishwashing machines

Company Overview

Founded in 1976, CMA is a leading manufacturer of professional and industrial dishwashing machines. CMA products are marketed through a vast network of equipment dealers and chemical distributors serviced by multiple manufacturing representatives to users in sectors such as hotels, restaurants, fast food chains, hospitals and institutional canteens. CMA’s success is based on strategic choices: offering high-quality machines designed to maximize productivity while minimizing operating costs, consumption of water, energy and cleaning products, while guaranteeing long-lasting efficiency.

CMA is committed to providing superior commercial and technical support, with a constant focus on product innovation. Another strength of this California-based company is its leasing arm, Leasco, which provides financial services to its customers throughout the United States of America.

Product Information

  • High-and Low-Temperature Commercial Dishmachines
  • Chemical Sanitizing Commercial Dishwashers
  • Glasswashers
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