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Company Overview

CREM® is a global company with international prestige in the coffee industry, has more than 100 years of market experience and sells its products in over 90 countries.

At CREM, coffee is truly our passion. From the bean through the machine, we’ve spent decades infusing that passion into every aspect of our work, bringing superior coffee experiences to everyone, everywhere. Our understanding goes beyond how coffee equipment works. We have collective industry experience ranging from trained baristas to professional cuppers, as well as our field service and engineering teams, allowing us to build equipment with our customers and every individual engaging with our machines in mind. Addressing their challenges, our solutions combine practical impact with intuitive design, for crafted coffee creations of all kinds. We never rest in pursuit of helping you deliver that high-quality experience, whether it’s in a specialty coffee shop, convenience store, fine dining restaurant or in your office.

We infuse that passion and expertise into every one of our products because it’s that blend of passion, deep understanding, and collaboration with you that truly drives all of our work at CREM.

Product Information

  • Traditional Espresso
  • Filter Manual
  • Automatic
  • Grinders
woman reaching into commercial beverage-air fridge.

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