Ice & Beverage Dispense

Crystal Tips

More than 50 years of experience in ice makers.

Company Overview

CRYSTAL TIPS is synonymous with quality. Since the beginning, CRYSTAL TIPS ice makers have been known for their function, design and performance. With the introduction of the IceWorld app, CRYSTAL TIPS icemakers have also been appreciated for innovative total control of the machines.

D Range models are among our best sellers, thanks to their high production and great reliability. The H Range of paddle system models, which can work with highly scaled water to produce hollow cubes, is another main product line.

Product Information

  • Spray Systems
  • Paddle Systems
  • Modular Ice Makers
  • Granular Ice Makers
  • Nugget Ice Makers
  • Scale Ice Makers
  • Dispensers
  • Ice Storage Bins
  • Matching Table (Ice Maker/Storage Bin)