Sustainable solutions for bakery, pastry, pizza production and foodservice.

Company Overview

ESMACH, founded in the early 1970s under the name Esperia, is a company dedicated to developing and implementing sustainable solutions for bakery production.

Our core business is developing bread-making systems that ensure consistent gourmet results while also protecting the environment. ESMACH is Industry 4.0: with its spiral mixers, dividers, moulders, conical rounders and bread groups, ESMACH is a true technological innovator in the baking industry. ESMACH is a trusted partner for bakers, offering turnkey solutions to help them work more efficiently, such as the EsmachLab system, a dynamic bakery concept that uses as little as 35 square meters to bake fresh, naturally leavened items in a matter of minutes.

Product Information

  • Liquid Yeast Generators
  • Spiral Mixers With Fixed Bowl, Mixers With Removable Bowl, Self-Tipping Mixers, Bowl Elevator-Tippers, Planetary Mixers From 20 To 60 L
  • Dividers, Rounders, Moulders, Long Loaf Moulders, Automatic Groups For Bread
  • Leavening Proofers, Retarder Proofers, Conservation Units, Blast Freezers, Refrigerated Counters, Climother
  • Deck Ovens, Rotating Rack Ovens, Convection Ovens and Modular Ovens
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