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Company Overview

Since 1972, FRIULINOX have created blast chilling and freezing solutions, storage and refrigeration systems at the peak of performance, quality and style: from design to construction, as part of an industrial process that combines Italian excellence, international standards and environmental sustainability.

Managing time and transformation processes to improve the quality of products, work and life is our mission. From a small artisan workshop to the kitchen of a large restaurant, in the simplest of preparations as in the most complex ones, time management is the secret of success. FRIULINOX technology stops, slows down and accelerates time with extraordinary versatility and precision, breaking down the limits of the seasons and the transformation of ingredients. But it does even more, anticipating the demands of professionals and exploiting new digital technologies to manage the entire workflow, even remotely, 24 hours a day.

FRIULINOX systems are distributed in more than 90 countries, in all catering and food sectors. Restaurants and pizzerias of all sizes, pastry shops and bakeries, gastronomy departments in large-scale retail, self service, cooking centres, kitchens in hospitals and nursing homes, canteens in work environments and collective spaces are just some of the areas in which FRIULINOX solutions are used. They ensure the highest levels of versatility, reliability, service, optimization of food products and reduction of energy consumption.

Product Information

  • Blast Chiller Freezers
  • Cold Rooms
  • Mini Corner Cold Storage Units
  • Refrigerated Counters
  • Display Units
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