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Company Overview

FRYMASTER®, a Welbilt® brand, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial fryers for the foodservice industry and has spent nearly a century creating products that are efficient, cost-effective, and long-lasting. FRYMASTER continually raises equipment performance levels so operators can achieve operating efficiencies, produce high-quality, great-tasting foods, and realize outstanding value in their foodservice operations.

Offering fryers and hot holding equipment that preserve optimal food quality, FRYMASTER equipment designs are intuitively engineered to maximize both flavor and profits. Advanced features such as built-in oil quality sensors, automatic filtration, and real-time alerts, meet today’s demands for healthier food choices, great-tasting foods, as well as lower oil usage costs. Fryers connected to the Internet provide visibility of fryer activity, enabling operators to keep a finger on the pulse of day-to-day operations. With FRYMASTER’S state-of-the-art technology that monitors and conserves resources, operations will run lean and smooth, saving both time and money.

Product Information

  • Open-Pot Fryers
  • Tube Fryers
  • Multiple Vat Size Options (from 30-Lb. to 120-Lb.)
  • Multiple Controller Options
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