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Company Overview

HIBER is an Ali Group company specializing in blast chilling technologies. The company designs, manufactures and markets blast chillers and shock freezers for the professional foodservice market. The advanced refrigeration technology built into every HIBER product provides a completely HACCP-safe environment for maintaining cold and frozen foods in every foodservice and cook-and-chill application. The performance, design and quality construction of each HIBER product ensures that it will fit perfectly into any kitchen or cooking area, while still offering the finest in cold temperature maintenance and reliability. The new IoT technology allows users to always be connected with their equipment, and to change machine parameters remotely.

Product Information

  • Blast-Chilling/Shock-Freezing Systems for Professional Catering
  • Blast-Chilling/Shock-Freezing Systems and Conservation for Confectionery/Ice Cream and Bakery
woman reaching into commercial beverage-air fridge.

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