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More than 50 years of experience in ice makers.

Company Overview

ICEMATIC is synonymous with ice makers. Since Castel MAC was founded in 1963, the ICEMATIC division has grown to be a European leader in the sector. The company now exports to more than 70 countries and maintains a leading position in Italy, where it is based. ICEMATIC ice makers are known for their performance, reliability and ease of installation. The main product line is the K series paddle system machine for hollow cube production, which can work with highly scaled water. The new line of ice machines is the C series, which introduces the spray system to the ICEMATIC range of products. The C line allows ICEMATIC to offer a complementary solution to hollow cubes in those markets where the full compact ice cube is preferred. Both lines have been developed for optimal performance, environmental sustainability, easy cleaning and installation. The entire range of products, from modular cubers to flake ice makers, offers a wide spectrum of solutions for ice storage and transportation. ICEMATIC received its ISO 9001 in 1995, a testimony to its commitment to quality.

Product Information

  • Paddle Ice Makers
  • Spray Ice Makers
  • Modular Ice Makers
  • Flake Ice Makers
  • Insulated Ice Storage Bins
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