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Iceteam 1927 Cattabriga

Synonymous with gelato production equipment.

Company Overview

In 1927, when Otello Cattabriga was hard at work on the world’s first automatic gelato machine, he never imagined that his name would be a point of reference in the industry today. Ninety years later, CATTABRIGA is still the leading supplier of high-quality gelato manufacturing equipment. CATTABRIGA electronic pasteurizers are unequaled in today’s market, and the same can be said for EFFE vertical gelato makers. With the increased interest in artisanal food products, the EFFE machine has become extremely popular, especially in gelaterias where the gelato-making is visible. These iconic machines are an updated version of the very first automatic gelato maker developed by Otello Cattabriga.

Product Information

  • Vertical Gelato Makers
  • Electronic Horizontal Batch Freezers
  • Electronic Pasteurizing Bain-Marie Mixers
  • Ultimate Technology Pasteurizers
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