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Iceteam 1927 Ott Freezer

Multifunction pastry, gelato and gastronomy machines.

Company Overview

OTT FREEZER ice cream preparation machines and systems give the operator a competitive edge by producing exquisite, top-quality desserts. OTT FREEZER was founded in 1935 by Erwin Ott in Herzogenbuchess, Switzerland and was the first company to introduce the vertical freezer in Europe. Since that time, OTT FREEZER has made many innovative and technological improvements. In addition to the time-tested vertical freezer, it provides a multifunction unit tailored to specific needs and available in two different capacities, Masterchef and Masterchef Super. In September 2021, the Ott Freezer line expanded with a new top-technology countertop model: Babychef.

Product Information

  • Multifunction, Pastry & Gastronomy Machines
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