Ice Cream, Gelato, Soft-Serve & Shake

Iceteam 1927 Promag

The complete line of gelato and soft-serve ice cream production machines.

Company Overview

PROMAG offers a complete line of professional ice cream machines and is well known for producing high-quality products that combine ease of use with affordable positioning. Combining innovation and tradition, the PROMAG line utilizes stainless steel, electronic automation and cutting-edge technology to produce highly dependable appliances that satisfy the strictest sanitation standards as well as all HACCP requirements. The high level of functionality of PROMAG products and their flexibility have made them the ideal solution for the most diverse applications, from specialized ice cream parlors and large fast-food restaurants to small neighborhood pastry shops. PROMAG has the perfect solution for customers throughout the world.

Product Information

  • Batch Freezers
  • Pasteurizers
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