The UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of professional and innovative bakery equipment.

Company Overview

MONO Equipment is the leading designer and manufacturer of bakery and foodservice equipment in the United Kingdom. This proud heritage of British craftsmanship, combined with a reputation for creating innovative, high-quality products, can be traced back to its origins in 1947.

Today MONO Equipment excels in providing the complete bakery solution to customers in the UK and on an international basis via its official distributor network.

From the independent artisan baker to the largest instore supermarket bakery, MONO Equipment provides a comprehensive range of professional turnkey solutions to suit every requirement and every budget.

Product Information

  • Water Dosing: Zero-Waste Water Meters
  • Baking: Energy-Saving Deck, Rack and Convection Ovens, Artisan Mini Deck, Self-Wash, Food-to-Go and Deck Setters
  • Dough Processing: Dividers, Moulders, Bread Plants, Roll Plants, Pastry Sheeters
  • Depositing: Tabletop Depositors, Soft- and Hard-Mix Depositors, 1-, 2- and 3-Color Semi-Industrial Depositors
  • Frying: Tabletop, Semi-Automatic and Automatic Doughnut Fryers
  • Automatic Jammers
  • Ancillary: L-Sealers, Sink Units, Racks, Prep Tables, Trays and Mats
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