Washing & Waste Mgmt


Equipment solutions for food waste and dish handling professionals.

Company Overview

For nearly 40 years, RENDISK has been the global leader in designing and manufacturing dishwashing logistics and food waste solutions for professional kitchens.

From our headquarters in Deventer, The Netherlands, RENDISK supports kitchen teams with innovative logistical solutions for dishwashing and cutting-edge waste management solutions. The company is focused on making kitchen work easier, more efficient, and more sustainable, always with a great regard for local and global environmental concerns.

RENDISK’S latest innovation is the automatic tray trolley unloading system. This collaborative robot (cobot) is easy and safe to use. This system can be integrated into the RENDISK tray conveyor systems and ensures consistent speed, performs all the repetitive and dull tasks, shows up every day and takes no breaks.

Product Information

  • Ergonomic Sorting Systems
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Tray Elevators
  • Waste Management Solutions
  • Zero Waste
  • Automatic Tray Loading and Unloading Systems
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