French tradition in the professional kitchen.

Company Overview

For 185 years, ROSINOX has produced the finest cooking equipment in the great tradition of the French masters for chefs in France and worldwide. Located in Bourges, the company can trace its heritage back to 1837 when the first Rosières product was created, beginning a commitment to quality and excellence. Whether continuing great traditions such as Royal Chef Suspendu and the tailor-made Royal Chef Exclusif, or developing new technologies such as the OPTIMA 100% fry-top, ROSINOX is in the forefront of convenience, strength, dependability, safety, hygiene and aesthetics. These outstanding properties make ROSINOX equipment well suited for large healthcare institutions, catering operations, company canteens, luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants.

Product Information

  • New Rosichef Signature 900 Range
  • High Performance Optima 100% Fry-Top
  • Multi-Function Tilting Bratt Pans
  • Tailor-Made Royal Chef Exclusif
  • High-Performance Fryers
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