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SIMAG: the art of making ice.

Company Overview

SIMAG has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing ice machines for over 50 years. From our headquarters in Pogliano Milanese, Italy, our organization is responsible for sales in Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, while our subsidiary office in Singapore manages sales in the Far East and Australia. Our products are constantly updated to include the latest technology and our manufacturing processes undergo strict quality control. SIMAG products are easy to use, reliable, and cost effective. They cater to a wide range of applications, including bars, restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs, fishmongers, hospitals, industries, food processing and chemical processors. The quality of SIMAG ice is among the best available on the market. A simple hydraulic and electric connection is all that is needed to have a constant supply of high-quality ice. SIMAG: THE ART OF MAKING ICE.

Product Information

  • Self Contained, SDE Hollow-Shaped Cube Ice Makers
  • Self Contained, SCE Conic-Shaped Cube Ice Makers
  • Modular, Waffle-Style, Best Value, SVD Dice Cube Ice Makers
  • Modular, SNM Commercial Nugget Ice Makers
  • Self-Contained, SMI (MOJO) Commercial Cubelet Ice Makers
  • Modular, SPN Commercial Flake Ice Makers
  • Self-Contained, SPR Commercial Flake Ice Makers
  • Slope Front, Upright, Storage and Transport, Commercial Ice Storage and Ice Transport Systems
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