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The leading manufacturer and distributor dishwashing and meal delivery systems for the institutional sector.

Company Overview

Founded in 1889 by Wilhelm Stierlen in Rastatt, Germany, STIERLEN GmbH is a world leader in the production of professional food distribution systems and professional dishwashers characterized by outstanding quality and advanced technology. STIERLEN products have consistently proven to be successful and innovative. Vast experience, extensive research and development, coupled with the ability to leverage new practical solutions and technologies, have resulted in globally recognized products.

STIERLEN’S Cook-Serve, Cook/Chill and Cook-Freeze meal delivery equipment provide a perfect system for meals that are always served at the right temperature and hygienically protected. STIERLEN’S high-performance commercial dishwashing equipment guarantees the utmost in efficiency, dependability and hygiene, making it ideal for hospitals, retirement homes, staff restaurants, hotels and restaurants.

Product Information

  • Thermoset and Combiset Insulated Food Distribution System
  • Air-Convected and Refrigerated Carts
  • Warewashing Systems and Machines
woman reaching into commercial beverage-air fridge.

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