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Temp-Rite is an industry expert in food distribution products.

Company Overview

We deliver high-quality products and maintain a steady focus on sustainability, hospitality and efficiency. TEMP-RITE offers valuable solutions to a diverse customer base including hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, nurseries, schools and commercial caterers. We offer completely dependable food distribution equipment that ensures the best menu quality and meets the highest HACCP standards. We are a market leader in the growing segment of buffet-trolley systems, offering buffet trolleys for both cold and snack catering as well as for warm meals. We bring hospitality into the care sector. We facilitate the distribution of trayed Cook/Serve, Cook/Chill, and Cook/Freeze meals prepared by means of contact heat or thermo-convection. In combination with our innovative HACCP-compliant TC Soft Cloud software, our food distribution carts deliver unmatched meal-service quality.

TEMP-RITE offers a comprehensive range of transport and ancillary products to complete your meal distribution system.

Product Information

  • Buffet Trolley Systems For Cold and Warm Meals
  • Contact-Heating Systems For Trayed Meals
  • Thermo-Convection Systems For Trayed Meals
  • Insulated Transport Trolleys, Serving Equipment and Ancillary Products
  • Insulated Tray and Pellet Systems
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