Ambach meets the association of German consultants VdF

March 29, 2015
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The high-profile location of the Hotel Marriott in Venice was the venue yesterday for the meeting organised by Ambach with VdF, the association of German hospitality, hotel and restaurant consultants.

Having opened on March 19th last the American brand of luxury hotels chose Venice as the location in Italy. The setting for the very attractive hotel is Sacca Sessola island, one of the largest in the Venice lagoon.
The meeting was a useful opportunity for presenting the solution devised by Ambach for an exclusive hotel such as the Marriott. The design studio SeftonHornWinch chose the Chef 850 Ambach line for the hotel kitchen. An extremely flexible line, able to adapt perfectly to every need and to ensure the highest levels of hygiene, productivity and efficiency.

In order to carry out the project Ambach was called on to tackle two important challenges concerning space and logistics. The space available for building the kitchen was small and stringent architectural constraints had to be observed. Thanks to the considerable compactness of its modules Ambach succeeded in proposing the solution most suitable for the hotel’s needs. At the same time the kitchen had to be extremely high-performing in order to handle the large number of covers available in the hotel restaurants.
Another considerable obstacle was logistics. The island that is the location for the Marriott is right in the middle of the lagoon and has no public transport links with the mainland. Thanks to ongoing support from the main contractor KPC Projects the problem of transport and delivery of equipment was solved brilliantly.
After the classroom session in which the consultants were able to receive further details about the project, a tour was conducted of the kitchen which enabled a hands-on demonstration of the quality of Ambach products and appreciation of its fine quality. The association VdF is an important contact for Ambach and the Venice meeting demonstrates once again to what extent the company is one of the preferred choices of the most important consultancies in the world.

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