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Catering Star 2012

February 13, 2013
Awards & Recognition, Krefft

The innovation and efficiency of Krefft dishwashers take center stage

Krefft, a German company of Ali Group that manufacturers washing systems for professional kitchens, won the prize “Catering Star 2012”, assigned by Catering Inside.

Classified third place in the category for washing and hygiene, Krefft was especially appreciated for the performance and economic advantages guaranteed by the new series of basket dishwashers KG-X 2080 and KE-X-2080.
The two models can be installed with either a linear or a straight angle configuration and represent an excellent alternative to traditional hood type dishwashers with double racks or two separate racks. Both occupy a minimal amount of space while providing maximum performance and an excellent price quality ratio.
The automatic wash cycle is activated with just a few simple actions, without needing to raise the hood and insert the racks. With the new Krefft dishwashers, it is sufficient to give a slight push to the loaded racks at the entrance of the tunnel and the machine automatically sense its presence and initiates the wash cycle. The racks are also automatically expelled at the end of the cycle.

Ergonomics and ease of use guarantee users maximum comfort. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, washing capacity can reach up to 100 racks per hour and it is possible to choose the direction (left to right and vice versa) at the time of installation.

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