Chill Touch Tecnomac: multifunctionality at your service

May 28, 2018
Innovative Products & Projects, Tecnomac

Endless possibilities to support your creativity in one only machine: Chill Touch is the new range of blast chillers including low temperature cooking and retarder proving functions, in addition to the best chilling/freezing options.
Following the technologic development and the customer needs to minimize time and spaces, Tecnomac creates the solution presenting a completely customizable machine utilizing icons on a 7” touch interface.

Blast chilling, shock freezing, specific ice cream function, thawing, conservation and thanks to the humidity and temperature control inside, it includes the low cooking temperature and the retarder prover functions. A powerful appliance, complete with USB recorder, core probe and the patented DFC control system, which avoids ice formation on the product’s surface. A really user-friendly ultimate machine, which allows the selection of a preferred language and the storage of all the desired recipes.

Design, power, multifunction and user-friendliness are the the key points of the Chill Touch range developed to exalt your creativity.

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