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September 17, 2014
Awards & Recognition, Carpigiani

“Diploma in Carpigiani” wins the 2014 Award for Best HR Practices

The project “Diploma in Carpigiani” was awarded the Best HR Practices Award by AIDP, the Italian Association for Human Resources. Carpigiani employees continue their education after work and, after two years of study for 28 hours a week free of charge, graduate with a Diploma in Metalworking and Refrigeration.

“The idea for the project came to me a couple of years ago when Carpigiani underwent an important reorganization. What I learned from that experience is that, age aside, a limited education is an obstacle to professional mobility and limits opportunities,” says Roberto Morisi, HR Manager of Carpigiani. “The student not only acquires new knowledge and techniques, but it also reinforces their sense of curiosity and ability to learn which are fundamental qualities in an innovative environment.”

The objective of the program “Diploma in Carpigiani”, is to have as many employees as possible with academic certification. The program was voted first place by a group of over 500 qualified HR managers and chosen amongst 36 different projects because it is simple to implement, original and easily applicable to other medium to large-sized companies. It is important for a company to invest in the growth and development of their employees. The long-term benefits for the company are better profit margins and a motivated and qualified team. Excellence must be cultivated.

The “Diploma in Carpigiani” program is a concrete step in providing new perspectives in development and participation within the company by its employees. A sustainable corporate culture is promoted as the key to success and shows how profitability is achieved through the proper relationship with all stakeholders, beginning with the company’s employees.
“The proof is that this program has had an extremely positive effect on company morale. Both employees and union representatives supported the initiative,” continues Morisi.

The initiative was possible thanks to the collaboration with the State Institute for Industrial Technology, Ettore Majorana of San Lazzaro di Savena (Bologna) and with the support of the Bruto and Poerio Carpigiani Foundation, Adecco Training and the Alma Mater Foundation of the University of Bologna.

“We have decided to continue and develop this program to include young people not presently employed by Carpigiani. We have joined forces with several schools and the University of Bologna to create a “Gelato Learning Center” that will provide three different professional qualifications: Expert in Electronics and Refrigeration; Store Manager (of gelaterie) and Food Technologist. These programs are designed to train young people in various areas which are in demand, in Italy and abroad in the gelato sector,” says Morisi.

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