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Electro Freeze and The Krystal Company partner for a cool result

July 25, 2019
Innovative Products & Projects, Electro Freeze

When restaurant chain The Krystal Company set out to improve the selection of desserts on its popular menu, it focused on the ice cream offering to customers, developing a “sweet & cold” platform to sit alongside its “hot & steamy” offering.
A soft-serve machine was determined as key for this new product line.
After reviewing several options it partnered with Electro Freeze. Will Costello, Krystal’s vice president of supply chain, had previously worked with Electro Freeze, citing the “quality, durability and reliability” of the machines as key to the choice.

The high-volume 15RMT model was installed in 20% of stores while the remaining sites use the CS600 model. The partnership has enabled Krystal to implement hand-spun shakes, sundaes and cones into the menu.
With 100 possible shakes or limited-time-offer products, it has opened a world of opportunities where future menu expansion is concerned.

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