Eloma presents the new MULTIMAX

March 19, 2017
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Simply uncomplicated

The new MULTIMAX from Eloma continues the success story of the tried and tested combi-steamer MULTIMAX A and B. In order to facilitate the handling, Eloma focuses on the essentials. This makes MULTIMAX the ideal appliance for the professional and experienced chef in the commercial kitchen.

Simplicity is always a priority when Eloma develops new products. Work in the kitchen should be easy. MULTIMAX fulfills this need with its language-neutral operating concept. The combi-steamer can be operated intuitively via a 5″ display and a push-dial. Thanks to the uncomplicated basic concept, all applications from 30°C to 300°C can be covered with this multi-talent: i.e. steaming, combi-steaming, intensive-steaming, vario-steaming, low-temperature and Delta-T cooking as well as regeneration. The Eloma live steam system generates steam directly in the cooking chamber, which is ideal, also for sensitive food. So it remains to be said: „And now with full steam!“, because in the end, it is also about time – time for creativity and the essentials.

Reliability is one of the core principles in Eloma’s corporate philosophy, which is reflected in MULTIMAX’s material selection and quality as well as in the application. Therefore, this combi-steamer does not only embody the philosophy of Eloma but it is also the perfect companion for the chef who wants to create tasty, high-quality dishes with passion and focus on a daily basis. True to the motto „The same again, please!“, every dish can be reproduced at any time. The serial SPS Steam Protection System provides additional safety. Once the cooking process has been completed, the steam is automatically extracted from the cooking chamber to protect the user from burnings and to avoid unnecessarily harming the room climate.

MULTIMAX is available in four different sizes. As the Eloma customer is used to it, they offer a solid basic configuration and options, e.g. the fully automatic cleaning system autoclean®, a left-hinged door with the unique mirrored display or the Multi-Eco-condensation hood, which doesn`t have any protruding parts.

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