Everything is controlled easily with Diamante 90 Touch from Olis

February 15, 2021
Innovative Products & Projects, Olis

A jewel of innovation and design

Diamante is the cooking line from Olis efficient and practical. Perfectly designed to accelerate and simplify preparation, cooking, organising and cleaning operations.

Just touch and turn: two easy steps to organise your work and forget about it.
Electronic interface makes setting parameters quick and easy. With the exclusive Encoder function, simply touch a programme, turn the knob to set the level and press to confirm the setting.

Diamante features non-slip knobs, squared off and rounded for a more ergonomic grip, with contoured indicators for easier adjustment.
A new non-slip design, squared off and rounded for a more ergonomic grip, with a contoured indicator to facilitate setting.

Optimizing space with storage solutions

The unique double door has two handles, one red and one stainless steel. The latter opens the door in the traditional way to access the space underneath the worktop. The red handle opens up a second door that takes us to a series of secret compartments that make work easier and kitchens cleaner. The red handle opens a bottom-hung door that reveals a space for storing the most commonly used objects, such as spices, bottles, ladles and knives. This allows chefs to store their work tools neatly, before and during use.

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