Friulinox kits out state-of-the-art chocolate kitchen for famed Italian pastry chef

March 22, 2018
Innovative Products & Projects, Friulinox

When world-class pastry chef Iginio Massari decided to create a dedicated chocolate kitchen, only Friulinox equipment would do.

Iginio Massari, one of Italy’s most famous and acclaimed pastry chefs, is always looking for new and more exciting ways of doing things.
His latest project is a state-of-the-art chocolate kitchen kitted out with equipment from refrigeration specialist Friulinox, a brand he not only swears by for his own kitchens but has also helped promote to other chefs. 
When specifying the equipment for his dedicated chocolate kitchen, Massari, who founded the Academy of Italian Pastry Chef Masters (AMPI) in 1993 and began hosting his own TV show the Sweetman in 2017, had a long list of specific requirements.

“No one today would think of producing pastry goods without using the latest cold technologies,” he stresses. “Latest generation blast chillers and refrigeration systems can guarantee individual refrigeration programs suited to each type of product, so that, even after weeks, all products maintain the same qualities and look, taste and smell as fresh as when originally made.”

“Refrigerators must also maintain a constant internal temperature even when doors are opened frequently. All appliances must be easy and quick to sanitize both inside and out, and must be mounted on wheels, to facilitate floor cleaning” says Massari.


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